Groups using NYIG Zoom accounts must transition by Feb 28

Note from the SCAA Webservant:
If your group is currently using a NYIG Zoom account, please let us know once your meeting has been updated, along with your new Meeting ID, password and any other relevant information.

The following message is from a NYIG email:

Groups using the New York Intergroup Zoom license to conduct their virtual meetings will need to transition to their own account by February 28, 2021.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, AA groups in the NYC area lost the ability to meet in person. NY Intergroup responded by helping AA groups to set up and host virtual meetings, providing accounts for videoconferencing at no cost, creating resources including online meeting listings and user guides, and providing help and technical support. To do these things, NY Intergroup entered into an enterprise license with Zoom and employed a number of special workers. 

Many groups and AA members expressed gratitude for how quickly NY Intergroup acted to help them serve their groups and carry the message to the newcomer. Nevertheless, groups and AA members also expressed concerns. The Zoom license and contractor support represent significant ongoing expenses. Questions were raised about whether the provision of videoconferencing is consistent with our Traditions, such as anonymity, self-support, and group autonomy.

At our September Delegates Meeting, the delegates decided that NY Intergroup should discontinue the enterprise license when it is up for renewal in March and help groups to transition to their own virtual meeting accounts.

As a result, your group will need to transition by Feb 28 to give NYIG time to prepare. We are providing the following helpful resources: