SOCYPAA Game Night

Ladybug Clubhouse 8517 Liman Way, Rohnert Park, CA

🎲🎲Is it a GAMER they call you? 😎😜 Perhaps😏… Do you whoop on family game night? 💪🏽Or just feeliN lucky?! ✨Let’s Gooooo‼️There will be winners……There will be bragging rights! 💁🏽‍♀️ There will be Greatness!!! 🌟🔥Who will be the best of the best? 😛Will it be Game on or Game over?! 🎮😵 A night for sobriety,

SOCYPAA: A Vision for You

301 Tahoe Ave, Roseville 301 Tahoe Ave, Roseville, CA

🚨Yoooooo!! 👋🏽Ya feeliN Crafty?! 🧶✂️🎨☺️🤙🏽 are you the next Michael Angelo?! 👀 or perhaps jewelry artistry is your forte?📿💁🏽‍♀️😝 Do you have a Vision? 🤔 A vision for YOU? Let’s Get Creative!! 🙌🏽 So do your Duty 🤝 swoop👣 a Newbie 😏& GET. IN. THE. CaHhhhhhh!! 👏🏽👏🏽🤓🚘✈️🚀 Meeting at 6PM Event to follow 7PM 301 Tahoe

Seminar: Using the Traditions in All of Our Relationships

A seminar and discussion Meeting with a panel of alcoholics who will share their experience, strength and hope. Q&A to follow with a group discussion Meeting ID: 829 8155 3305 Passcode: seminar Information: Rosa R. 707 529-1938

SOCYPAA: 50 Acts of Kindness

Ladybug Clubhouse 8517 Liman Way, Rohnert Park, CA

💖BE KIND!!💖imagine 🤩combining your childhood scavenger 🕵🏽 hunt with EPiC ACTS OF KINDNESS?! 🤯 look 👀 no further folks!!! Come 🏃‍♀️ and get ya some of this goodness, speaker 🔈 panel, and fellowshipping fun!! You know the drill 🚨🤫 swoop that newcomer 👏🏽👏🏽and call 📞✊🏽up ya crew~😎it’s goin dOWN y’all!! 🔥💃🏽 Intergroup, General Service, Bridging



Ladybug Park 8517 Liman Way, Rohnert Park, CA

Come hang out and play softball with a twist! Shotgun a Red Bull (optional or anything you want really) spin on the bat and crack a home run ⚾️🥎!!! It’s going to be a day of fun out at the park we got a BBQ fest included 🍔🌭 A great meeting to kick us off

70’s Skate Night

Cal Skate 6100 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park, CA

Meeting at 6:15PM and event to follow at 7:30PM  Skate Night and we doin it right y’all!  we goin all out 70’s style! 🪩 GROOVY BABY!!! It’s a SOCYPAA Birthday and we gunna Play! ~  Ya got flips & tricks?  Can ya move them Hips?!  We got you covered! Red light Green light ur Jam? Righteous Dudes!! Slide on Thru~we’ll see ya on the Flip

9th Annual SOCYPAA Campout

6005 Wragg Canyon Road 6005 Wragg Canyon Road, Napa, CA

Get ready… For the ninth annual SOCYPAA campout featuring the Wet Brain Olympics! A weekend full of fellowship, fun and recovery. Rumor has it we have a delicious dinner planned on Saturday too. Located at Pleasure Cove Campground on beautiful Lake Berryessa, you get to relax and unwind with old friends and new during the

Delegates BBQ

Faith Lutheran Church 4930 Newanga Ave., Santa Rosa, CA Password: Dist12GS