Time Distance Meeting Location Address Region Types
8:00 pm As Bill Sees It 20329 Highway 116 20329 CA-116 Monte Rio Open
8:00 pm Working Winners 3333 Chanate 3333 Chanate Rd Santa Rosa Closed
8:00 pm Breaking the Ice Women 3555 Sonoma Hwy 3555 Sonoma Hwy Santa Rosa Closed, Discussion, Speaker, Wheelchair Access, Women
8:00 pm Oaks Fellowship Campobello 3250 Guerneville Rd Santa Rosa Open, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Grin & Win Group Christ Church United Methodist 1717 Yulupa Ave Santa Rosa Closed, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Young Men's Book Study Men Church 5475 Snyder Ln Rohnert Park/Cotati Big Book, Men, Open, Wheelchair Access, Young People
8:00 pm Thursday Night Round Table Discussion Group Community of Christ Church W Steele Ln & Range Ave Santa Rosa Child-Friendly, Open, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Graton Fellowship Oak Grove School 8760 Bower St Graton Child-Friendly, Open, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Big Book Step Study Santa Rosa City Hall 1st St Santa Rosa Open, Wheelchair Access
9:00 pm Serenity Fellowship Rosenberg Building 306 Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa Open, Wheelchair Access